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As a tourist spot Hyderabad offers a variety of locations that you can visit here. Out of all the locations you will find a mix of monuments, temples, museums, historical structures and a lot more. For tourists of all types you will find something or the other here to explore. For people who love visiting temples, the Birla Mandir Hyderabad can be a really great option to visit. Even if it is a temple, the functioning here is different from any other temples. As the name suggests already this temple is one of the many temples built by the industrialist group Birla. The temple looks magnificent in its white structure and is also a meditative centre as well. For people looking for some tranquility and peace, you can definitely visit here.

Birla Mandir Hyderabad

The Birla Mandir Hyderabad photos certainly cannot do justice to how beautiful it looks in reality. And for that you definitely need to go and visit here in person. Once you visit here the serene atmosphere of the temple would provide a lot of peace. You can visit the temple to sit and collect your thoughts for longer hours. So even if you are staying within the city or you are visiting Hyderabad, make sure you are visiting Birla Mandir Hyderabad. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about Birla Mandir Hyderabad. This will be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to the Birla Temple anytime soon.

Location: Hill Fort Road, Hyderabad, Telangana

TimingsBirla Mandir Hyderabad timings are from 7 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 9 pm on all days from Monday to Sunday

Entry fee: There is no entry fee

How to reach

By air

While travelling by air the nearest airport to reach Birla Mandir Hyderabad is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. You will get flights from all major cities and towns to reach Hyderabad airport. From the airport the distance of Birla Mandir is 34.4 km. It would take you around 40 minutes to reach the temple from the airport. You can easily take a cab or a taxi to reach the temple from the airport. Or else you can also opt for the city buses as well to reach there from the Hyderabad airport.

By train

While travelling by train the Hyderabad railway station is the nearest railway station to reach the Birla Mandir. It is located at a distance of 2.8 km and would take around 7 minutes to reach there from the station. You can easily take auto rickshaws from the station to reach the temple.

By road

Both private as well as state buses are available on this route to reach Hyderabad from major cities and towns. If you are travelling from other cities or towns the nearest major bus stand is the Hyderabad Central Bus Station. From there the Birla Mandir Hyderabad is located at a distance of 5 km. It would take you around 14 minutes to reach the temple from the bus stop. You can furthermore opt for the city buses as well to reach the Birla Mandir as well. And if you are travelling locally within the city then you can also opt for the city buses as well to reach the location.

You can take a cab or a taxi as well to reach there from any location. Or else you can also take your own vehicle and drive through to reach the Birla Temple.

By metro

Travelling in a metro can also be convenient and you can reach the Birla Temple by metro. The nearest metro station to reach Birla Temple is the Assembly Metro Station. From there the Birla Mandir is located at a distance of 2 km only. It would take you around 6 minutes to reach there from the metro station. You can also walk for about 20 minutes to reach the Birla Mandir from the metro station as well.

Birla Mandir view
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit the temple would be the colder months from October to March. These are the months when the weather of the city remains favourable. And if the weather remains favourable then you would be able to enjoy and explore the temple and its surroundings better. Avoid visiting here during peak summer months though, as Hyderabad experiences unbearable summers. Especially during the months of April and May it can be too unbearable because of the scorching sun. In terms of ideal time of the day, the morning time would be the best to visit here. You can try to visit here during the early hours and the temple is less crowded during that time. Also the ambiance of the temple feels serene and peaceful during the morning time. So you can plan your visit here accordingly.

Overview of Birla Mandir Hyderabad

Dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, the Birla Mandir Hyderabad is a popular sightseeing spot in the city. In spite of being a site of pilgrimage this is also a popular site for visitors as well. And the reason behind this is the beautiful structure and the architecture of this white marble temple. The temple looks exquisite, built in 2000 tonnes of white marbles which are brought from Rajasthan. Moreover, another factor that makes it unique is the fact that it is located on top of a hill at 280 feet. The hill is known as the Naubat Pahad and on top of it the temple stands tall with its charm. Constructed by the industrialists Birla it is one of the popular Birla Mandirs. In Hyderabad the temple is one of the major sightseeing spots. And whenever you are in Hyderabad make sure that you are visiting the Birla Temple once.

History of Birla Mandir Hyderabad

The main idol of the Birla Temple Hyderabad is of Lord Venkateshwara and it is a replica of Lord Balaji of Tirupati. Here the idol is 11 feet in height and has a carved canopy on top of it. The deity looks charming and the canopy further adds to the beauty of the idol. The statue of Lord Venkateshwara is carved of granite stone following a distinct Oriya style of architecture. In 1976 Swami Ranganathananda from Ramakrishna Ashram sanctified the temple. Swami Ranganathananda had envisioned the idea of this temple as a major site for meditation as well. Therefore the whole construction was conducted keeping that idea in mind. The ambiance of the temple is peaceful and silent. Moreover for that reason you will also not find any bells here in the temple as well.

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You will find shrines of other deities here at the temple complex. There are deities of Padmavati and Andal. Also there is a temple of Lord Buddha within the complex here. This temple has a lot of paintings inside that depict the life and works of Lord Buddha. Some other shrines of Hindu Gods and Goddesses here are Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman etc. Also there are idols of Lord Brahma, Devi Saraswati, Devi Lakhshmi, Sai Baba etc. You will find some engravings on the walls here showcasing Gurbani and various other teachings of some renowned saints.

Located on top of the hill, the temple was the highest point of the city at a point of time. Also if you are visiting here you must be ready to climb a fleet of stairs as well. And as you reach the top you will get to witness magnificent views of the city here which is a major attraction. Overlooking the Hussain Sagar Lake it offers a panoramic view of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

Birla Mandir in Hyderabad
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Architecture of Birla Mandir Hyderabad

The Birla Temple in Hyderabad is undoubtedly an architectural marvel. Completely white in colour the structure looks splendid in its appearance and charm. You will be able to notice a very distinct blend of North Indian as well as South Indian styles of architecture in the construction of the temple. The Gopuram or the tower of the temple reflects a precise South Indian style of architecture. There is Jagadananda Vimanam on top of the sanctum sanctorum and it resembles the Oriya style of architecture. In total it took 10 years to complete the construction of the magnificent temple in Hyderabad. And the finest craftsmanship of the workers is very much visible here.

There is a flagstaff at the temple which is 42 feet high and is made of brass. Intricate carvings are there on the walls of the temples that depict various scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharatas. Even on the ceilings also you will get to see these depictions from epics. At the entrance up to the sanctum sanctorum there are various deities of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Things to remember before visiting Birla Mandir Hyderabad

1.       Photography is strictly prohibited inside the complex of Birla Temple.

2.       The temple is located on a hill top so it would involve a lot of climbing. So before visiting here you should keep that in mind.

3.       Do not make loud noises and maintain silence inside the temple premise of the Birla Mandir.

4.       Free lockers are available here where you can keep your belongings. It would be better if you deposit all your belongings here before you enter the premises.

Places to visit near Birla Mandir Hyderabad

There are some tourist attractions located nearby that you can visit if you are visiting the Birla Mandir. The Birla Science Museum and the Birla Planetarium are located nearby so you can club your visit there with this location.

Wrapping Up!

So that was everything about the Birla Temple and now you can plan a trip to this temple. Since this temple is also like a meditation centre the ambiance of this temple is a lot different than other temples here.  The complete silence and noiseless atmosphere of the temple will bring in a lot of peace for you. So whenever you are in Hyderabad do not miss out on visiting the Birla Temple. This temple is furthermore one of the top 10 sightseeing spots in Hyderabad, so surely plan a visit there. Preferably try to visit during the early hours to witness the best of the temple. So when are you planning a visit to this temple in Hyderabad? Also let me know if this article on the Birla Mandir Hyderabad is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location. 

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