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Visiting a zoo is always interesting as it can be the closest that you can be with the wildlife and the nature. And if that location is very much within the city then there is nothing like it. One such popular tourist spot in Hyderabad is the Nehru Zoological Park. The Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad is one of the largest zoos that you can visit in India. Moreover, the variety of species that you can spot here is even more exciting. According to the Nehru Zoological Park reviews this is one of the richest zoos as well. You can just check out the Nehru Zoological Park photos to understand how beautiful the location is. So keep on reading this article, as this will be a helpful article if you are planning a trip to this zoo any time soon.

Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad

Location: Zoo Park Main Road, Kishan Bagh, Bahadurpura West, Hyderabad, Telangana

Timings: Nehru Zoological Park timings are from 8 am to 5 pm on all days from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is a closed day.

Entry fee: Nehru Zoological Park tickets for weekday and weekends vary. For weekdays the price is Rs. 60 per person for adults and Rs. 40 per person for a child. And the Nehru Zoological Park ticket price for weekends is Rs. 75 per person for adults and Rs. 50 per person for a child. For both weekdays and weekends there is an additional charge for cameras. And the charge is Rs. 120 for a still camera and Rs. 600 for a video camera.

Other than that the zoological park offers multiple activities as well and there are separate charges for that as well.

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Toy Train: Rs. 20 for adults and Rs. 10 for a child

Buggy/ Battery Operated Vehicle: Rs. 60 for adult and Rs. 40 for a child

Lion and Tiger Safari: Rs. 50 per adult and Rs. 40 for a child

Fish Aquarium: Rs. 10 per person

Nocturnal Animal House: Rs. 20 for adult and Rs. 10 for a child

Film Shooting: Rs. 8500 per day for film shootings and Rs. 1500 for generator trucks for film shooting. And for a car or a jeep the fee is Rs. 1000

Zoo Guest House Accommodation: Rs. 500 for a family of 10 members from 9 am to 5:30 pm

How to reach

By air

If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport to reach the zoo would be Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. From the airport the zoological garden is located at a distance of 23 km. It would take you around 32 minutes to reach the zoo from there. You can easily take the city buses to reach the zoo from the airport. Or else you can also take a car or a cab as well to reach the location from the airport.

By train

While travelling in a train the nearest railway station to reach the zoological park would be the Nampally Railway Station. From there the distance of the zoo is 7 km. It would take you around 18 minutes to reach the location from there. You can either take a bus or else you can use local transport like auto rickshaws to reach there.

By road

The zoo is located on the Zoo Main Road near Kishan Bagh in Bahadurpura. You can easily take the city buses from within the city from different locations to reach the zoo. Or else you can take auto rickshaws as well if you are travelling shorter distances within the city. You can take a car or take a cab as well to reach the zoo from different locations as well.

white tiger of nehru zoological park
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Overview of Nehru Zoological Park

The Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad is a rich zoological garden located at a distance of 16 km from the city of Hyderabad. In 1963 the park was opened for public viewing. Located near the historic Mir Alam Tank which is 200 years old, this zoo is also one of the largest zoos in India. Moreover in Hyderabad this zoo is one of the most popular sightseeing spots as well. The Forest Department of Telangana runs this zoo and it is named after the first ever Prime Minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru. The park spreads across a huge area of 380 acres and houses a rich variety of more than 1500 species of birds, animals and reptiles. This is also one of the first parks where animals are kept in proper zoological order as well.

Furthermore the zoo is one of the major attractions in the city because of the open enclosures for the animals. These open enclosures are made in such a way so that it can suit the natural habitat of the animals. The zoo also houses a great variety of exotic animals as well. Moreover there are interesting activities here that one can enjoy. Safari Nehru Zoological Park is one of the major attractions here. Also there are toy train rides, Butterfly Park, Jurassic Park, aquarium and a lot more to explore within the premise. So to enjoy the wildlife and to spend some time amidst nature you must visit the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad once.

History of Nehru Zoological Park

The Nehru Zoological Park was established in 1959 but it was finally opened for the public in 1963, 6th October. Since the time of construction the zoo has gone through many changes and additions. In 1974 the major attraction Lion Safari Park started and in 1982 the Nocturnal Animal House was established. The main idea behind the establishment of this zoological park was to conserve and continue breeding of endangered species. Especially the point of focus was the wildlife of Deccan Plateau and also to rehabilitate them. Another objective behind the construction was to educate the general public about wildlife. One of the main aims was to generate awareness so that it can facilitate the research on behavior of animals and also on patterns of breeding.

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Fauna at Nehru Zoological Park

What makes the Nehru Zoo one of the popular zoological parks is the rich variety of wildlife here. Here you will find more than 140 species of animals including birds, animals and mammals. A huge variety of birds are also present at this park.

Mammals: You will find primates, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores and rodents here. Some of the popular mammals here are Asiatic Lion, Indian Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Gaur, Panther etc. Also there are Elephants, Fishing Cats, Sambar Deer, Wild Dog, Leopard Cat, Hyena etc. You can find Cheetah, Jaguar, Wild Boar, Swamp Deer, Sloth Bear here also. Furthermore you will find Blackbuck, Sacred Baboon, Nilgai, Chausingha, Thamin Deer, Mouse Deer etc. There are Red Patas Monkey, Lion Tail Macaque, Chimpanzee, Bonnet Macaque, Rhesus Macaque, Olive Baboon, Nilgiri Langur and Common Langur.

Birds: You will also find a rich collection of avi faunal variety here as well. There are Pelicans, Owls, Storks, Cranes, Hornbills, Ducks, Parrots, Macaws, Cocktails, Love Birds, Parakeets, Geese, Pheasants, Lories etc.

Reptiles: You will also find a huge variety of reptiles here as well. There are a variety of crocodiles here like Gharial, Marsh Crocodiles, Saltwater Crocodiles etc. And you will find a variety of snakes here as well. These are Russell’s Viper, Cobra, King Cobra, Python, Rat Snake, Green Vine Snake, Sand Boa etc. And there are some lizards here also like Chameleon, Green Laguna, Monitor Lizards etc. Some tortoises like Turtle, Start Tortoise, Red Ear Turtle, and Indian Softshell Turtle are also present here.

Tiger in Nehru Zoological Park
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Things to do at Nehru Zoological Park


The Tiger and Lion Safaris are one of the major attractions of this park. Moreover you can choose Bison Safari, Bear Safari, Tiger Safari or Lion Safari here. There are safaris at regular intervals here and they are extremely interesting as well.


The Aquarium in Nehru Zoological Park houses a number of aquatic species that you can take a look at. You will find various freshwater as well as marine water species here including exotic fishes as well.

Toy Train

This is yet another major attraction in the Zoological Park for both adults as well as children and the toy train ride is extremely interesting. The train doesn’t start until it is completely full. So during non peak hours you might have to wait a little for the ride to start.

Battery Operated Vehicles

The Battery Operated Vehicles or Buggy are environment friendly and noiseless vehicles. It offers the visitors a complete tour of the zoo and you can enjoy the flora and fauna here. The ride continues for about 30 minutes to an hour. Moreover for people who cannot walk for long these can be a great option to explore the zoo. The ride will stop at places that you want and then you can just spend some time there.

Bicycle Rides

You can get bicycles for rent here at a very nominal charge of Rs. 20 per hour. So you can definitely opt for a bicycle to explore the whole area of the zoo.


You can enjoy boating at the Mir Alam Lake and speed boats, passenger boats both are available here. So do not miss out on this when you are visiting the park.

Jurassic Park

This is undoubtedly a major attraction at the Zoological Park. Here you will find some life size figures of species of Dinosaurs. These include Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus etc.

Butterfly Park

The Butterfly Park is an important part of this zoo since the time of its establishment in 1988. Here you can spot various species of colourful butterflies.


Furthermore there is a museum here at the zoological garden that is a major attraction here. You will find different exhibits on biodiversity conservation here.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Nehru Zoological Park Hyderabad, and now surely plan a visit to the zoo as soon as you can. Let me know if this article on the Zoological Park is helpful for you in planning a trip to this location.

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