Ocean Park Hyderabad Ticket Price, Timings, Rides List, Packages

The heat in Hyderabad can be too scorching and no matter what the summers are coming. And in summer it is going to be too intimidating obviously. It is mostly a tough decision to decide a location to visit in the scorching summers. But I have a really good option for you that you can opt for if you are in Hyderabad. How about visiting a water park in Hyderabad? Hyderabad does have some options of water parks for the ultimate fun and entertainment and the Ocean Park Hyderabad is one of them. It is a beautiful water park as well as an amusement park that is a popular spot to visit in Hyderabad.

You can check out the images of Ocean Park Hyderabad and you will know how exciting visiting this location can be. You can visit this water park with your whole family and enjoy a fun day with rides and more. It can be one of the entertaining locations in Hyderabad that promises a lot of fun. Keep on reading this article as I will mention each and everything that you probably need to know about Ocean Park. It would be a helpful read for you if you are planning a trip to this park.

Ocean Park Hyderabad

Location of Ocean Park Hyderabad: 168 and 169, near Cbit College, Gandipet Lake, Shankarpally Road, Hyderabad, Telangana

Ocean Park Hyderabad timings: The timings of Ocean Park is from 11 am to 7:30 pm on all days. Water games are open till 6 pm in the evening.

Ocean Park Hyderabad ticket price: The Ocean Park Hyderabad tickets price for adults is Rs. 650 per person and the entry fee Ocean Park Hyderabad for children of 5 years to 12 years of age is Rs. 500 per person. Children below 4 years of age are free. For college students the entry fee is Rs. 400 and for school students the entry fee is Rs. 350 per person. There is an additional Rs. 80 fee for lunch. No separate charges are there for cameras.

There are Ocean Park Hyderabad packages as well like school and college student packages. However for a package there must be a minimum of 30 students. Also for every 15 students entry of one staff member is free. All the extra staff members will have to pay the students rate.

Ocean Park Hyderabad Owner

Maddula Krishna Gupta, Malayala Thimmaiah and Mandava Venkateshwara Rao

How to reach Ocean Park Hyderabad

By train

The Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station located at 18 km away is the nearest railway station to reach this park. From there you can take local transport to book a cab to reach Ocean Park.

By road

The Hyderabad Bus Stand is located 21 km away from the Ocean Park. You will get buses from nearby locations as well as nearby cities to reach the bus stand. From there you can take local transport to reach the park. It would take around 25 minutes to reach the park from the bus stand. Buses on this route are also regular and available every 5-10 minutes so reaching there would not be a hassle. If you are taking your own vehicle then you can drive through to reach the park as well. Follow the Ocean Park Hyderabad route map and you can reach here from anywhere. Parking is available inside the water park so that would not be a problem.

Best time to visit Ocean Park Hyderabad

You can visit here all throughout the year but for obvious reasons the ideal time to visit a water park is in summer. During the months of April to June it is ideally the best month to enjoy the park. It would be like a relief from the scorching sun while you enjoy the water rides here. Also you can enjoy the Roller coaster in Ocean Park Hyderabad and have a great time. But make sure you keep yourself hydrated well at all times during a visit here. Also you must wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun and carry sunglasses as well.

Tree inside park

Overview of Ocean Park Hyderabad

The Ocean Park in Hyderabad is an entertaining amusement park as well as a water park located 20 km away from the main city of Hyderabad. Spread across a huge area the park has two sections. There is one section for water sports and then there is a section for amusement games and rides. It is one of the very first themed parks in Hyderabad and even today this is a popular spot to visit in Hyderabad. The park offers a wide variety of fun rides that are suitable for people from all age groups. Therefore this park is like a hotspot for visitors belonging from all age groups.

The water rides and other rides in this park are of superior and international standards. The authorities take extra care for the safety and the security of the visitors here as well. So you don’t have to worry about that at all. The rides are all in good condition and the authorities work for the maintenance of the rides and the park on a daily basis. They also take all necessary safety measures and precautions for the safety of the visitors. Both adults as well as children can enjoy the wide range of rides here. Not just rides, the Ocean Park also offers facilities of accommodation here as well. They have deluxe suites here for a comfortable stay for people who would like to stay back here.

What’s more?

One of the best facilities here are the packages that they offer. While booking the tickets for entry you can enquire about the package and choose what suits you the best. Also the entry fee includes access to most of the rides inside the park which is a great thing as well. However there are some extra rides as well which you need to pay for. You will also find restaurants inside the park to grab some quick bites. So overall you can ideally enjoy a great day with your whole family here. Make sure you are definitely visiting here once.

Ocean Park Hyderabad Rides List

The Ocean Park in Hyderabad offers a wide array of interesting water rides and dry rides. Furthermore there are two separate sections in this park and there are rides for everyone here. To enjoy the water and water rides here would be a lot of fun including the Ocean Park Hyderabad rain dance. Some of the rides that the tourists love here are

Rides for adults (Costume is compulsory)
  • Wave Pool
  • Aqua Snake
  • Hara Kiri
  • Aqua Trail
  • Crazy Cruise
  • Aqua Glide
  • Zim Zam Zoom
Rides for Kids
  • Peacock Train
  • Jumping Frogs
  • Mini Carrousel
  • Sun Moon
  • Mini Pirate Ship
  • Multi Playing Games
  • Candor
Kids Pool
  • Wave Slide
  • Tube Slide
  • Toddlers Pool
  • Tilting Basket

The park offers a wave pool, kiddie’s pool as well as water slides which the visitors especially love. Also there is a 60 feet high ride here which is another main attraction here. Ocean Park Hyderabad roller coaster is also a major attraction here that you can enjoy. Other than that some other popular rides are

  • Slam Bobs
  • Super Jet
  • Bumping Cars
  • Super Loop
  • Break Dance
  • High Swinger
  • Pendulum
  • Multilane Ride
  • Helicopter
  • Toy Train
  • Huge Air Filled Balloon
  • Jet Skiing
  • Ropeway Ride
dragon inside park

Things to remember before visiting Ocean Park Hyderabad

1.       While going for the water slides it is compulsory for you to change into swimming costumes. Costumes are available inside the park. Men’s costumes are available for sale only while women’s costumes are available on rental basis as well.

2.       Do not wear outfits like sarees and salwars with dupattas inside the park to maintain your own safety. You must wear nylon or synthetic clothes.

3.       Carry a spare piece of outfits to change into later on.

4.       There are parking charges for private vehicles.

5.       Outside food is not allowed inside. However if you are visiting with a baby, you can carry baby food along.

6.       School and college students must carry their ID cards while visiting here.

7.       The park does not allow re-entry.

8.       There is a restaurant, an ice cream parlour and a bakery inside the park. You can enjoy some quick bites from there. The restaurant serves South Indian and Chinese cuisines which are delicious.

Nearby places to visit from Ocean Park Hyderabad

Osman Sagar Lake ( 4.1 km)
Gandipet Lake ( 4.2 km)
Inorbit Mall ( 8 km )
Hyderabad Botanical Garden ( 15.7 km )
Chilkur Balaji Temple ( 13. 7 km)
Shilparamam Cultural Society ( 17.2 km )

Wrapping Up!

The Ocean Park Hyderabad is a great option for a visit with your whole family. Moreover you will enjoy a full day of fun if you are visiting here with your group of friends or family. Also people of all age groups will find something here to have a lot of fun. For college and school picnics also this spot is a great option. So if you are looking for a fun spot in Hyderabad that would provide a whole lot of excitement, consider visiting this water park. It is one of the oldest water parks in Hyderabad and till today it maintains its popularity.

Now that the summers are approaching already you must include visiting this location in Hyderabad. Let me know when you are planning a visit to this fun amusement park and with whom. Also don’t forget to let me know if this article is helpful for you in planning a visit to this water park in Hyderabad.

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