Ramoji Film City Hyderabad Ticket Price, Timings, Entry Fee

All of us love travelling. Be it a snow capped mountain or a beautiful natural bridge, waterfall or historical places. But how many times do we get to experience all of these at the same place? Sounds downright impossible right? But no, it’s possible. This is a reality in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. This place is like a world of its own that has a Universe of entertainment to offer to you. No matter what you are looking for, this place has that for you. One of the most popular tourist spots in Hyderabad, Ramoji film city is one of the most glamorous film studios.

It is said that this film city alone is perfect for shooting a complete film in its vicinity. With the variety of sets that it has to offer, you can surely get lost into a different world here, quite literally. If you have never been to this amazing place then you are surely missing out on a lot of things that should not be missed. In this article I will mention the necessary information about the Ramoji Film City that you would need before planning a visit to this wonder land. So keep on reading.

Ramoji Film City


Anaspur Village, Hayathnagar Mandal, Hyderabad, Telangana


Ramoji Film City timings are 9 am to 5:30 pm on all days.

How to reach Ramoji Film City:

By Train:

You can reach the Hyderabad Railway Station. From there the distance of Ramoji Film City is 24 kms. Another option is the Secunderabad Junction. You will get buses from there to reach the film city.

By Metro:

LB Nagar Metro Station is the nearest station to Ramoji Film City which is 12 km away.

By Bus:

Hyderabad Bus Stop is 53.8 kms away. You will get buses from here to reach Ramoji Film City.

By Road:

You can take your own vehicles or rent a car or take a cab to reach here from the nearest destinations.

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Ramoji Film City entry fee and packages:

There are different packages that are offered in Ramoji Film City and you can choose any according to your preference of time and budget.

Holiday Carnival Studio Tour- General One Day Tour Guided

Timings– 9am to 10 pm

Entry fee– Rs. 1350 for adults and for children of 3 to 12 years it is Rs. 1150 + Taxes

Package includes:
  • Non AC Vintage Bus Tour from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Eco Zone visit- Butterfly Park, WINGS, Exotic Bird Park and Bonsai Garden
  • Ramoji Movie Magic tour that includes Filmy Duniya, Action Theatre and Space Yatra
  • Visit to Bahubali Ramoji Film City set
  • Eureka Entertainment Shows like Dome Show, Spirit of Ramoji, Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show and Lights Camera and Action Show
  • Visit to Fundustan or Kid’s Play Zone, Toyland, Dadajinn’s Ask, Borasura, Rain Dance
  • Adult Adventure Activities like Sand Volleyball, Sumo Suits, Happy Hits and Body Zorb
  • Kid’s Adventure Activities like Happy Hits, Kid’s Special Zipline, Kids Bungee Jumping, and Soft Archery
  • Food Festival
  • Hawaiian Themed Celebrations
  • Complimentary rides like Break Dance, Ranger, Twister, Frisbee Coaster, and Super Jet
  • Visit to shooting locations
  • Carnival Parade at 7 pm
Holiday Carnival Evening Package- General Guided Evening Tour including dinner

Timings– 2 pm to 10 pm

Entry fee– Rs. 1350 for adults and Rs. 1150 for children of 3 years to 12 years + Taxes

Package includes:
  • Non AC Vintage Bus tour
  • Visit to Bahubali Ramoji Film City Set (last bus at 4 pm)
  • Ramoji Movie Magic- Space Yatra, Filmy Duniya and Action Theatre
  • Food Festival
  • Eureka Entertainment Shows like Spirit of Ramoji, Dadajinn’s Live TV Show, Lights Camera Action Show, and Wild West Stunt Show
  • Film Location Visit, Garden Visit and Visit to Fundustan or Kid’s Play Zone, Toyland, Rain Dance
  • Eco Zone Tour that includes Exotic Bird Park WINGS, Butterfly Park and Bonsai Garden VAMAN.
  • Adventure activities for adults like Sand Volleyball, Happy Hits, Sumo Suits and Body Zorb
  • Kid’s Adventure activities like Kid’s Bungee Jumping, Happy Hits, Soft Archery, and Kids Zip line.
  • Complimentary Rides of Super Jet, Twister, Break Dance, Ranger, Frisbee Coaster, Carousel
  • Hawaiian Themed celebration
  • Carnival Parade at 7 pm
  • Ramoji Film City visit in evening lights
  • Dinner with special entertainment
Holiday Carnival Studio Tour with Dinner- General Guided One Day Tour including Dinner Combo

Timings– 9 am to 10 pm

Entry Fee– Rs. 1603 for Adults and Rs. 1403 for Children of 3 years to 12 years age + Taxes

Package includes:
  • Non AC Vintage Bus Tour
  • Opening ceremony
  • Visit to Bahubali Set
  • Eco Zone visit to Butterfly Park, Exotic Bird Park WINGS, Bonsai Garden VAMAN
  • Ramoji Movie Magic Tour like Action Theatre, Filmy Duniya, Space Yatra
  • Entertainment shows at Eureka like Fort Frontier Wild West Stunt Show, Dome Show, Spirits of Ramoji, and Lights Camera Action Show
  • Fundustan (Kids Play Zone) visit, Toyland, Rain Dance, Borasura
  • Adult Adventure Activities like Happy Hits, Body Zorb, Sand Volleyball, and Sumo Suits
  • Kid’s Adventure Activities like Kid’s Bungee, Soft Archery, Kids Zipline, and Happy Hits
  • Rain Dance
  • Food Festival
  • Visit to shooting locations
  • Complimentary rides like Break dance, Twister, Frisbee Coaster, Super Jet
  • Hawaiian Themed Celebration
  • Carnival Parade at 7 pm
  • Combo Dinner with entertainment at the venue
Holiday Carnival Star Experience- Facilitated One Day Tour in AC Bus including Lunch

Timings– 9 am to 10 pm

Entry fee– Rs. 2549 for Adults and Rs. 2349 for Kids of 3 years to 12 years age + Taxes

Package includes:

·         Car Pickup and Drop facilities

·         Facilitated AC Bus Tour of Ramoji Film City

·         Welcome on Arrival

·         Complimentary Souvenir Chocolate Box

·         Thematic Opening Ceremony

·         Buffet lunch (Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian) in AC Restaurant

·         Redemption of Rs. 89 coupon at any merchandise shop

·         Visit to Space Yatra and Filmy Duniya

·         Eureka Entertainment Shows like Wild West Stunt Show, Dome Show, Spirit of Ramoji, Dadajinn’s Live TV Show and Lights Camera Action Show

·         Food Festival

·         1 Bottle of Packaged Drinking water

·         Fruit Drink Coupon

·         Evening Tea/Coffee

·         Shopping at Eureka

·         Eco Park Tour- Butterfly Garden, Bonsai Garden and Exotic Birds Garden

·         Complimentary Rides like Break Dance, Ranger, Twister, Super jet, Frisbee Coaster, Carousel

·         Adventure activities for adults like Happy Hits, Sand Volleyball, Sumo Suits, and Body Zorb

·         Kid’s Adventure activities like Kid’s Ziplining, Kids Bungee Jumping, Soft Archery, and Happy Hits

·         Hawaiian Themed Celebration

·         Carnival Parade at 7 pm

·         Night view of Ramoji Film City in lights

Holiday Carnival Star Experience Evening Tour- Facilitated Evening Tour in AC Bus including Dinner Buffet

Timings– 2 pm to 10 pm

Entry Fee– Rs. 2549 for Adults and for Kids of 3 years age to 12 years age it is Rs. 2349 + Taxes

Package includes:

·         Welcome on Arrival

·         Complimentary Privilege Chocolate Box

·         Facilitated AC Bus Tour of Ramoji Film City

·         Food Festival

·         Visit to Bahubali Ramoji Film City Set

·         Evening Tea/ Coffee

·         Shopping at Eureka

·         Redemption of Rs. 89 coupon at any merchandise store

·         Express entry at Ramoji Action Theatre

·         Visit to Filmy Duniya and Space Yatra

·         Lights Camera Action Show

·         Visit to shoot locations and gardens

·         Entertainment shows at Eureka like Wild West Stunt Show, Spirit of Ramoji

·         Complimentary rides like Break Dance, Twister, Super jet, Ranger, Frisbee Coaster, and Carousel

·         Eco Zone Tours- Butterfly Garden, Bonsai Garden VAMAN, Exotic Birds Garden WINGS

·         Visit to Fundustan (Kids Play Zone), Toyland, Rain Dance, Borasura

·         Kid’s Adventure activities like Kid’s Bungee, Kids Zip Lining, Soft Archery, Happy Hits

·         Adventure activities for adults like Sumo Suits, Sand Volleyball, Body Zorb, and Happy Hits

·         Hawaiian Themed Celebrations

·         Carnival Parade at 7 pm

·         Ramoji Film City tour in evening lights

·         Buffet Dinner (Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian)

Hawaiian Night- General Guided Evening Tour including Buffet Dinner

Timings– 5 pm to 10 pm

Entry Fee– Rs. 677 for Adults and Rs. 508 for children of 3 years to 12 years + GST Applicable

Package includes:

·         Hawaiian themed celebrations

·         Carnival Parade at 7 pm

·         Special Entertainment

·         Buffet Dinner

·         Ramoji Film City tour in dazzling lights

Sahas Adventure Tour

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm

Entry fee: Rs. 1199 for Adults and Rs. 999 for Kids of 3 years to 12 years of age

Package includes:

·         All Terrain Vehicles

·         Bungee Injection

·         Body Zorb Fight

·         Happy Hits

·         Human Foosball

·         High Rope Course

·         Mountain Biking

·         Meltdown

·         Obstacle Race

·         Net Course

·         Shooting and Archery

·         Paintball

·         Sumo Suits

·         Zorbing

Other than that there are many more options of Ramoji Film City Hyderabad ticket price. The available packages are,

Two Days Experience Tour

Entry fee: Rs. 3700 for Adults and Rs. 3000 for children

School/ College Students Tour

Entry Fee: Rs. 1005 for adults and teachers and for students it is Rs. 920

School/ College Student Tour including Lunch

Entry Fee: Rs 1217 for Adults and teachers and for students it is Rs. 1132

Also there are packages like Ramoji Film City Family Packages, Sahas Combo Packages with Studio Tour, Ramoji Film City Honeymoon Packages etc that you can opt for.

Best time to visit Ramoji Film City

The months from October to February are the ideal time to visit a place like this. Summer months are very uncomfortable and too hot and humid in Hyderabad. It would not be comfortable to explore such a big area in summers. Also monsoon will dampen the touristy spirit to a lot of extent. So the time after monsoon till winter season is ideal to visit Ramoji Film City. You will be able to explore the place in a better way during this time.

About Ramoji Film City

Spread across an area of 2500 acres, the Ramoji Film City is a world in itself. One of the major film making facility zones, this space is also a name in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records. It is a favourite spot for many filmmakers to shoot their films because of the elaborate and extensive set up here. Along with that this one is a popular tourist spot as well. It is said that the area has a capability to accommodate more than 50 film units at a single time. Every day the place records a footfall of 10,000 on regular days. And the number increases even more during peak holiday seasons.

Established in the year 1996, this film city is the brainchild of Ramoji Rao, who is an eminent Telugu film producer. It was his dream to build a studio similar to the one in Hollywood. Along with Art Director Nitish Roy he made this into a reality. Furthermore, ranging from London Street to Japanese thatched roofs and gardens, airports, hospitals and monuments, you will find everything here.

Moving on, you can find Texas Countryside, Eiffel Tower, Amer Palace here that would transport you to different zones altogether. The almost close to original replicated sets here would leave you wondering in awe. It is overall a delightful experience for adults as well as children to visit this amazing wonderland. Furthermore the film city is self sufficient that also houses various Hotels and Restaurants inside its premise.

Accommodation in Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City is a self sufficient zone that houses multiple hotels for staying options. So anyone who is travelling here would not have to think about accommodation because you will get it here only. They offer various options for stay ranging from luxury hotels to affordable shared stays as well as villas. You can choose any of the hotels here as per your budget and preference. The various options are:

Tara Hotel

This is the best option if you are looking for a comfortable stay inside the film city premise. With 126 rooms, this hotel is equipped with all the necessary amenities. They provide a 24 hour fine dine facility in their dining hall. Furthermore the place is equipped with a business centre and a discotheque as well. The dining services are a special attraction here because the food that they serve is delicious. Moreover the hospitality here and the staff behavior is also a must mention. Their Hollywood restaurant is a multi cuisine restaurant that serves a huge variety of Indian, Chinese and Continental food. The interior here is splendid with beautiful statues and lush greenery as a backdrop along with stylish interiors.

Vasundhara Villa

Set amidst lush greenery, the highlight point of this space is its scenic beauty. The green fruit garden, 6 rooms and a shared kitchen makes it an amazing space for your stay. This one is the perfect option for people who are travelling in a group. If you have more people then, the 6 – room villa would be an ideal space for a fun stay at the Ramoji Film City. Furthermore, with recreational activities here, the stay would be a perfect one for your group of friends or family.

Hotel Sitara

This hotel at the Ramoji Film City is very sophisticated and grand in its ambience. The hospitality here is top notch and you would enjoy a decent and comfortable stay here. This is a luxury property that offers a plush ambience and décor that will sway you off. Furthermore, they offer royal suites and themed rooms here. Other facilities that you can enjoy here range from a multicuisine restaurant, poolside barbeques to club house and health clubs. Alongside they also offer various recreational activities like Table Tennis, Squash, Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton etc. This stay can be the other name for luxury at its best.


For a budget friendly option the Shantiniketan is just a perfect one. It is a 2 star property. This one is located within the film sets of Princess Street and that makes it even more alluring. With almost all basic facilities you can enjoy a comfortable stay here. Alongside, you can enjoy some golden moments from your favourite movies here as well because of its amazing location. The property also offers continental stay packages for the visitors.

Green Inns

Another 2 star property the Green Inns is a well equipped option for accommodation here. This one is also a budget accommodation that you can opt for. However the Green Inns is located 5 km away from the Ramoji Film City. They offer different rooms like Emerald, Opal, Ruby, Amber etc. You can choose any room here according to your budget and preference.


If you are travelling in a large group then there is a great option for you as well. This place has the option to accommodate 866 people at the same time. Sahara is a shared accommodation set up which is mainly used for school, college and office groups. With both AC and Non AC Rooms they provide a comfortable stay. Furthermore they do have separate blocks for men and women as well. This is located near the Live Film Studio at Ramoji City.

Dolphin Vizag

Another luxurious option for staying is Dolphin Vizag. They offer different rooms like Executive Rooms, Executive Suites, and Premium Rooms etc.  Also they have 3 famous dine in spots here like Wood House, Cascades and Horizons.

Things to do in Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Tower
Image Source : Wikimedia Commons
Studio Tour

The studio tour in Ramoji Film City is one of the most interesting experiences for a visitor. It includes visiting the Japanese Garden, North Town, Aksari Garden, Bhagavatam Set, Sun Fountain Garden, Mughal Garden, Angel’s Fountain Garden, Princess Street, Kripalu Caves, and Sanctuary Garden etc.

Movie Magic Park

Movie Magic Park in the Ramoji Film City will take you on a journey of living the cinematic life. It has different sections like the Filmy Duniya, Action Studio etc. Filmy Duniya offers an amazing opportunity to explore different countries under one roof. The Action Studio is another attraction here where you can get into the action zone. Other than that you can also enjoy illusions like free fall and earthquake tremors here along with sound effects and visual effects.


This is a zone made keeping in mind the cultural and traditional takeaways from the medieval times. Eureka would take you back to the glorious Mughal or Mauryan rules. If you are a history buff then you are going to enjoy this zone a lot. Moreover, made like a medieval fort, Eureka houses many national and international artifacts. Along with these, this space also offers a lavish experience to the visitors, a unique shopping experience from the merchandise stores here. There are song and dance ceremonies for the welcome of the visitors, children’s play court and themed restaurants among other things that you can enjoy. Eureka would make you step into a world of medieval Meena Bazar, American Wild West and the medieval eras all under the same roof. How exciting that sounds right?

Kid’s park

The kids are going to have a gala time at the kid’s park known as Fundustan here. Ranging from various adventure activities to fun rides this park has a lot in store. Slides, swings, along with various other joy rides are going to be a great form of entertainment for the kids visiting here. Enthraller, Dadajinns’s Ark, Thrillville Rides, Timberland, Wonderville are some of the popular rides and activities that everyone enjoys here.

Ramoji Tower

This zone offers different acoustic effects and experiences like the earthquake tremors and free fall.

Eco Zone

The Eco Zone includes a butterfly park that houses different varieties of butterfly species and spreads across 7,200 sq feet. There is a Bonsai Garden as well, known as VAMAN which houses dwarf shrubs and plants in small containers. A visit to the Bonsai garden can be very educational and intriguing. Furthermore there is a park that houses Exotic Birds known as WINGS. Yellow Streaked Lory, Green Naped Lorikeet and Swainson Lory are some of the birds that you can spot amongst the huge variety there.

Adventure sports at SAHAS Adventure Land

For the adventure lovers there is a specific designated area in the Ramoji Film City. You can enjoy adventure activities like All Terrain Vehicles, Archery, Shooting, High Rope Courses, Bungee Injection, Zorbing and much more here. So the adventure lover in you is surely going to have a gala time here.

Interactive Entertainment

Ramoji Film City offers its visitors to get into the world of filmmaking by actually participating in it. Here one can actually enjoy the intricate details that go into filmmaking and what actually takes to make a film. Also with the Lights Camera Action Show one can enjoy 25 minutes into audio visual illusions, editing using chroma screens and dubbing procedures. You can actually see how much effort goes into making a film with various production and post production processes.

Honeymoon Package at Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City has a special Package for the Honeymoon Couples. Yes, you read that right. If you want to delve into the world of fairytale romance then nothing can be better than this place. As a couple you can utilize the ideas here and enjoy a full blown romance with your partner. The activities here include videos, photoshoots, and spa sessions for the couple etc. You can also opt for a stay at the hotels here and opt for floral bed decoration, romantic candle light dinners, and fresh fruits and snacks services in room, bed tea or coffee options among other facilities here. This unique romantic honeymoon getaway can make your trip memorable and you would enjoy this experience a lot.

Grand Wedding

Another amazing attraction of this place is that it also serves as a grand wedding venue. Everything that you arrange here will be combined with an aesthetic and thematic touch to make the occasion memorable. An extraordinary team of highly skilled professionals and event managers work tirelessly to make an event successful. This can be one of a lifetime kind of experience for the couple as well as the guests to organize or attend a wedding here.

What to eat in Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City Hollywood


This one is also a multi cuisine restaurant inside Ramoji Film City. They are also known for serving celebrity inspired dishes here from both Hollywood and Tollywood. Another great thing is many celebrities have even visited this place. So if you are fortunate enough, you never know, you can sit and eat at the spot where once your favourite celebrity had enjoyed their meal.

Galaxy Restaurant

Located within the Sitara Hotel this is a multi cuisine restaurant. What attracts more visitors here is that you can order your favourite celebrity styled food here. And their unique style of serving the food makes it even more attractive. The ambience here is amazing and you can have a great time having your food here along with your friends and family.

Dil se

Dil se is a restaurant that serves delicious Indian food. You can get a variety of North Indian as well as South Indian dishes here that you can try.

Jimmy’s Drive Inn

This one is another great option to satiate your hunger while visiting the Ramoji Film City. They serve delicious quick bites, snacks as well as spicy Indian dishes and western delicacies. You will get almost everything here. Even though the prices are a little on the higher side here, the food’s quality and taste simply makes up for it.

Nearby places to visit from Ramoji Film City:

Some of the nearby tourist spots that you can visit from the Ramoji Film City are:

Bodakonda Falls (7.66 km away)

Jannat Spa (8.1 Km away)

Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park (14.51 km away)

Rachakonda Fort (15.49 km away)

Things to remember before visiting Ramoji Film City:

To experience the activities in Sahas, you must wear sporty comfortable clothes and sports shoes.

Carry your own bottle of water.

For kids the height criterion is 33 inches to 54 inches for the kids’ ticket or the age should be 3 years to 12 years. Children below 33 inches are free.

Carry identity proof of your children along as it might be needed at the ticket counter for age verification.

Cloakrooms and lockers are available here.

You must check out the timings of the shows here before planning your visit.

The weekends are especially really crowded here so be ready to face that. Or you can try to visit during the weekdays, to get a little less crowd.

Almost around 2500 films were shot here. Some of the super hit movies shot here include Bahubali, Chennai express, Dirty Picture, Krissh etc.

You should opt for getting your tickets offline as that will save your time.

There are specialized packages for various festivals and occasions. Also Ramoji Film City ticket cost might vary a little with the change of season like summers, winters and monsoons. The charges will also differ slightly during peak holiday seasons.

Parking facilities, washroom facilities and drinking water facilities are available here.

For the best experience here you might have to walk a lot so make sure you are wearing comfortable outfits and shoes.

Be careful of the monkeys in the garden.

Professional photography is prohibited here. You can click pictures with your mobile cameras or DSLR cameras only with 18- 55 mm specifications and not more than that.


Ramoji Film City is that Filmy world that we only see and wish how amazing it would have been if we were a part of it. All those hidden wishes and secret desires can now be true if you visit this place. The place is perfect as a location and you would enjoy every bit of your stay there. This huge premise of the film city has so much to offer that it almost becomes impossible to explore the place at one go. Therefore, there is a higher chance that you won’t be satisfied with just one visit here. Also take out the filmy side of yours and enjoy being in a film set by clicking thousands of photographs.

After all, this location can be your chance to fulfill all your filmy dreams. So do not miss the chance of visiting this amazing place. Do let me know if you are from Hyderabad or you wish to travel there. And also let me know if this place was already in your itinerary or you are just convinced about visiting this place after reading this article. I would love to know that.

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