Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad Entry Fee, Timings, Price

Hyderabad is a royal land and the city has so much in its collection for the visitors to explore. You will find monuments, architectural masterpieces, historical structures and so much more to explore here. However, to explore the city and to understand its culture and history, visiting a museum is a must. The Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad is that one location that you need to explore in Hyderabad. This museum is like a treasure house for history buffs and you will be amazed at the exhibits here. From multiple galleries that exhibit art objects, books, manuscripts it has so much in its collection.

The Salar Jung Museum reflects the art, culture, science and literature of European, Eastern, Asian countries that will leave you awestruck. You must check out the Salar Jung Museum images and plan a visit there as soon as you can. Keep on reading this article as I will mention every piece of Salar Jung Museum information that you need to plan a visit there. From Salar Jung Museum timings and ticket price to how to reach and what to expect there, you will find all the information in this article.

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

Location of Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad: 22-8-299/ 320, Salar Jung Road, Darul Shifa, Naya Pul, Hyderabad, Telangana

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Salar Jung Museum timings: The Salarjung museum timings are from 10 am to 5 pm on all days of the week except Friday. There is a Salarjung Museum weekly holiday that is on Friday. The ticket counter closes at 4:15 pm.

Salar Jung Museum tickets: The Salar Jung Museum ticket price for Indians is Rs. 20 and Salarjung Museum ticket price for foreigners is Rs. 500. Also for defence personnel in uniform and for organized Kisan parties there is a concession of 50% of Salar Jung Museum entry fee. However entry to this museum is free for students with an ID card up to the age of 18 years. There is an additional charge for the camera which is Rs. 50.

Also you can opt for an audio tour here as well and for a 90 minutes tour the charge is Rs. 60 per person. From 8th January to 14th of January every year the museum celebrates the Museum week. At that time they offer a 50% concession on the entry fee of the general public.

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How to reach Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

By air

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is the nearest airport to reach the Salar Jung Museum. From the airport the museum is 16.9 km away and it would take around 40 minutes to reach there. You can hire a cab or a car to reach the museum from the Hyderabad airport also.

By train

The railway stations near the Salar Jung Museum are Kacheguda and Nampally. Also, if you are travelling within the city you can opt for trains to reach the museum. The Kacheguda Railway station is 3.4 km away and the Nampally railway station is 3.8 km away. It would hardly take around 10 minutes to reach the Salar Jung Museum from the railway stations. You can take a taxi or an auto rickshaw to reach the museum from there also. However if you love walking then you can also walk up to the museum too.

By road

If you are travelling by road you can take your own vehicle to reach the Salar Jung Museum. Also you can hire a cab or a car as well. A lot of other sightseeing spots are located near the museum. And after visiting this museum you can also visit these locations on the same day too. Charminar to Salarjung Museum distance is only 2.5 km away and you can reach Salar Jung Museum to Charminar in about 10 minutes. Also Birla Mandir to Salarjung Museum distance is 5. 1 km so you can travel from there as well. It would only take around 15 minutes to reach there.

There are buses that ply across the city and you can also opt for that if you are travelling by road. The nearest bus stops are Salar Jung Museum Bus Stop and the Afzalgunj Bus stop. From the Salar Jung Museum bus stop the museum is only 280 meters away located at a 1 minute walking distance. And from the Afzalgunj bus stop the museum is 750 meters away and you can reach there in about 2 minutes.

By metro

You can also choose to travel by metro if you are travelling within the city and it would be convenient too. Nearest Salar Jung Museum Metro Station is the MGBS Metro Station and from there the Salar Jung Museum is only 1.5 km away. You can easily walk up to the museum and reach there in 4 minutes.

About Salar Jung Museum

The Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad is one of the most popular locations in Hyderabad and a lot of times it has grabbed a place in the headlines too. Located on the southern bank of the River Musi in Hyderabad it stands close to the Minar Function Hall.  This museum is popular as a one man collection of the world and also is located at an accessible location. A lot of famous sightseeing spots are located very close to this museum like Charminar, High Court and Mecca Masjid. Many times the electronic and print media has highlighted the efforts of this museum to preserve the history through different means including digitalization. For art lovers and history buffs this location would be like a treasure trove. This museum reflects the art and culture of Asian, European and Eastern countries and reflects the development of art, science and literature.

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Architecture of Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

The architecture of the Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad is very unique as it is a semi circular shaped structure in white colour that reflects grandness. This museum has two floors and there are a total of 38 galleries inside the museum. In total there are three buildings which are the Indian Block, the Western Block or the Mir Turab Ali Khan Bhavan and the Eastern Block or Mir Laiq Ali Khan Bhavan. The Indian or the Central Block houses most of the galleries, that is 27 galleries. Furthermore there are 7 galleries in the Western Block and only 4 galleries in the Eastern Block.

There are also some more sections in the premises like Education Wing, Photo Section, Display Section etc. Also you will find a Chemical Conservation Laboratory, Reception Center and a Sales Counter here. You will also find a library here that houses 8000 manuscripts, 60,000 printed books.

Collections at Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad is a treasure house with more than 43,000 art objects, 47,000 printed books and over 9000 manuscripts. However, in total the museum has 38 galleries across 2 floors. It houses a huge number of 13,654 objects in all these galleries. You will find Indian Art, European Art, Far Eastern Art, Middle Eastern Art, Children’s Art here. Along with that you will also find a Founder’s Gallery here along with a section that houses rare manuscripts. Also, a major attraction of this museum is the British Musical Clock Tower that dates back to 19th century.

The museum also has a set of ivory chairs that Louis XVI of France has presented to Tipu Sultan. Also there is a dagger of Jahangir and fruit knife of Noorjehan, some rare paintings, and a valuable encyclopedia of ancient India. Further, there is a section of Indian collection that houses collections from all over the country. Additionally, various objects from Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Punjab, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir etc are present here. Furthermore there is a western section that houses collections from different countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Nepal, Indonesia, Arabia, Egypt etc.

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Galleries at Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad

The galleries in the museum are major attractions here and some of the prominent and interesting galleries are

Indian Sculptures

In terms of the number of sculptures this gallery is not that rich, nevertheless whatever exhibits you will find here are significant. There is a figure of Lord Buddha that dates back to 3rd century AD which is a major attraction. Also you will find sculptures from the Kakatiya period and some ancient Jain sculptures too.

Founders Gallery

Here you will find portraits and royal items that belonged to the royal families. Some of the prominent portraits are of Salar Jung I, Salar Jung II, Salar Jung III, Mir Alam, Mohd Ali Khan etc.

South Indian Bronzes

This gallery features various items of bronze that range from idols of Hindu Gods, to coins and some decorative items like lamps, chains etc. Some of these pieces also date back to the Pallava period and the 12th century.

Ivory Items

This is one of the most popular galleries of this museum that displays ivory objects. You will find ivory chairs of Tipu Sultan, also carved paper cutters, decorative boxes, bedsteads etc here.

Indian Textiles

The textile gallery has a rich collection of Indian Textile goods from all parts of the country. Moreover from Patola to Bandhani to Kalamkari textiles the gallery exhibits a lot to explore.

Arms and Armors

This is again one of the interesting galleries here that exhibits the arms and ammunition of the ancient periods. Furthermore, you will find weapons here that belonged to Aurangzeb, Tipu Sultan, Bahadur Shah and more.

Some other noteworthy galleries here are

1.       European Glass
2.       Minor Arts of South India
3.       European Paintings
4.       Indian Miniature Paintings
5.       European Furniture
6.       Jade Gallery
7.       Bidri Gallery
8.       European Marble Statues
9.       Modern Paintings
10.   Middle Eastern Carpets
11.   European Clocks
12.   Egyptian and Syrian Art
13.   Arabic Persian Manuscripts
14.   Chinese Collection
15.   European Bronze
16.   Far Eastern Art
17.   European Porcelain
18.   Japanese Art
19.   Far Eastern Statuary
20.   European Art

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have all the necessary information about the Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad simply plan a visit here as soon as you can. This location in Hyderabad deserves a special mention because of its rich collection. Moreover you need to have enough time in hand to actually visit here so that you can explore the area well.  You can also get Salar Jung Museum tickets online from various online sites or get it from the ticket counter too. So next time you are searching for a location to explore in Hyderabad include visiting the Salar Jung Museum. Let me know when you are planning a visit there. Also let me know if this particular article on the Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad is helpful for you in planning a successful trip to the location.

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