Sri Peddamma Talli Temple Jubilee Hills Hyderabad Timings

Hyderabad has a lot of popular tourist spots that you can visit when you are going there. However, out of all the tourist locations there are some important temples in the city as well that visitors love visiting. Other than being important sites of pilgrimage these temples are important tourist locations because of a lot of things. Many times a lot of historical relevance, cultural significance, architectural brilliance and legends are associated with these temples. And all these factors further makes this temple a popular site to visit. One such important temple in Hyderabad is the Peddamma Talli Temple. The Peddamma Temple in Hyderabad is one of the major temples in the city. Furthermore devotees from all over the city and beyond visit this temple. Located in Jubilee Hills, this is a temple dedicated to Goddess Durga and she is worshipped here as Goddess Peddamma.

The accessible location, the architecture of the temple and the legend associated with the Peddamma Temple Jubilee Hills makes it a much visited temple. The temple attracts a huge number of devotees. And during special festivals it attracts even more people. So if you are in the city of Hyderabad then you must pay a visit to Goddess Peddamma once. You will surely find the ambiance of the temple beautiful and enjoy the peace and serenity there. The Goddess is also one of the powerful deities so you can visit here and pray for your wishes as well. Keep on reading this article as here I will mention everything that you need to know about the Jubilee Hills Peddamma Temple. It will be a helpful article for you if you are planning a trip to the Peddamma Temple Hyderabad anytime soon.

Sri Peddamma Talli Temple

Location: The Peddamma Talli Temple location is Hi Tech City Road, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana

TimingsPeddamma Talli Temple timings are from 6 am to 1 pm and again from 3 pm to 8 pm on all days of the week

Entry fee: There is no entry fee to enter the Peddamma Temple. But for a Special Darshan the charge is Rs. 10 per person. For children below the age of 3 years no ticket is required to enter the temple. Also there are additional parking charges here. And that is Rs. 10 for both four wheeler and two wheeler.

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

How to reach

By air

While travelling by air the nearest airport to reach the Peddamma Talli Temple is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. From the airport the Peddamma Temple is about 38.6 km away. It would take you around 45 minutes to reach the temple from the Hyderabad Airport. You can opt for the city buses from the airport to reach the temple as there are regular buses available on this route. Or else you can take a cab or take a car as well to reach the temple from the airport more conveniently.

By train

If you are travelling by train then the nearest railway station to reach the Peddamma Temple is the Nampally Railway Station. From the Nampally Railway Station the location of the temple is about 10.8 km. Approximately it would take you around 38 minutes to reach the temple from the railway station. Another nearby railway station is the Secunderabad Railway Station. From the Secunderabad Railway Station the distance of the Peddamma Temple is about 13 km. It would take you around 43 minutes to reach the temple from the railway station. You can easily opt for buses from both the railway stations to reach the location of the temple. Or else you can take auto rickshaws to reach there as well. And if you want you can even take your own vehicle or else take a car or a cab to reach the location from the railway stations.

By road

If you are travelling by road then buses are an easy way to commute within the city. You will get TSRTC buses to reach Jubilee Hills from different parts of the city. Or you can even get some direct buses from Secunderabad Bus Stop and the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station as well to reach the temple. And if you are travelling from anywhere outside the city then MGBS bus stop is the nearest bus stop located a distance of 14 km.

You can take auto rickshaws to reach the Peddamma Temple from different locations as well. For travelling shorter distances the auto rickshaws can be a good form of communication. You can however take your own vehicle to reach the temple as well. You will get parking facilities here so parking your vehicle would not be a hassle. Or else you can hire a car or take a cab as well to reach here from any part of the city or beyond.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit the temple would be during the colder months. If you are visiting the Peddamma Temple try to visit during the months of November to February. These are the months when the city of Hyderabad enjoys pleasant weather so it would be comfortable for a visit. You would be able to explore the whole temple well if you visit during these months. However avoid visiting here during the peak summer months though. The peak summer months in Hyderabad can get very uncomfortable with the scorching sun. It would be too uncomfortable to visit here during this time.

But if you wish to witness a different and exciting side to the temple then the ideal time to visit here would always be during any of the major festivals. If you visit the Jubilee Hills Peddamma Temple during the festival time then you would get to witness the grandeur of the temple. The temple exudes a different charm and celebrates festivals with much pomp and grandeur. So in case you wish to be a part of it you will have to visit here during the festival. However you must also keep in mind that this is the crowded season to visit the temple as well. A lot of devotees visit the temple during the festivals specifically so you must be ready to face the crowd.

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Overview of Peddamma Talli Temple

Peddamma Talli Temple or Peddamma Gudi Temple is one of the most important temples in the city of Hyderabad. Here the presiding deity is Goddess Peddamma and she is an incarnation of Devi Durga. One of the most important sites of pilgrimage in Hyderabad the temple is almost about 150 years old. Furthermore the temple is one of the oldest temples in Secunderabad as well. Here you will find the Goddess in a seated posture on top of a Lion. The name of the Goddess came from two separate words. One is Peda and one is Amma. Both the words literally translate to Mother. And therefore the Goddess here is referred to as the Mother of all Mothers. The present form of the temple however took shape in 1993. It was then that the Rajagopuram of this temple was built.

Other than being an important site of pilgrimage the Peddamma Talli Temple is a popular tourist spot as well. A lot of tourists specifically visit this temple to observe the beautiful architecture of the temple. Moreover devotees from all over the city also come and visit this powerful temple in Hyderabad. So when you visit Hyderabad make sure you are including a visit to the Peddamma Temple Jubilee Hills.

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

Legends of Peddamma Talli Temple

There are some legends and stories regarding the Peddamma Temple. According to one legend once the Goddess after killing a demon came to this location to quench her thirst. However it was then that a shepherd spotted an idol here. Currently the temple stands at the same location where he had spotted the idol of the Goddess. However there is another popular legend that revolves around the fight between Demon king Mahishasura and Devi Durga. According to the legend, Demon Mahishasura was the son of Rambha. However he was a devotee of Lord Shiva and prayed to him. Lord Shiva was very happy seeing his devotion towards him and he blessed him. He received a boon that no man or a God would ever be able to kill him.

Therefore after receiving the blessing Mahishasura started feeling more powerful. He felt he was even more powerful than the Gods. So he dethroned Indra and started torturing everyone as well. The Gods were worried and in order to save themselves from the clutches of Mahishasura they went to the Holy Trinity, that is Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. It was then that Devi Durga came into being and later she killed the demon Mahishasura.

Festivals at Peddamma Talli Temple

One thing that makes the Peddamma Temple popular are the festivals celebrated here. Devotees from different parts of the state and beyond visit the temple during the special festivals. One of the popular festivals here is the Bonalu Festival. The Bonalu Festival takes place in the month of June- July. The temple celebrates this festival with much enthusiasm, grandeur and pomp. During the festival women carry earthen pots which they cover with neem leaves. Along with that there are items like kumkum, turmeric, jaggery, rice, curd and milk as well. They carry these pots to offer that to the Goddess.

Another important festival of this temple is the Rathotsav that is celebrated on Ratha Saptami. On this day the Goddess is decorated with diamonds and golds from head to toe. And that certainly adds a lot to the divinity of the temple as well. Other than that the temple also celebrates festivals like Durgotsavam and Ugadi.

Wrapping Up!

So that was all about the Peddamma Temple in Hyderabad and you should visit the temple once. For both the tourists as well as the locals this is an important site of pilgrimage. However because of the architecture and the popularity of the Goddess it is a much visited tourist spot as well. So if you are visiting Hyderabad then make sure you are visiting the Peddamma Temple Hyderabad once. And if you can, try to visit here during some major festivals to witness the best of the temple. So when are you planning a visit to the Peddamma Temple Jubilee Hills? Also let me know if this article on the Peddamma Talli Temple is helpful for you in planning a trip to this temple.

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